Address: St Peter's Community Hall, Church Hill, Carrigrohane, Co. Cork

Pet Portraits, Greeting Cards and Murals

Pet sketchesMalamute X

Have a photograph of your pet creatively transformed into a unique piece of art! Whether you want to capture your puppy's cutest stage, have a keepsake of a faithful departed four legged friend or transform a small photograph into a stunning, characterful hand-drawn momento, I can help.


I work from your photographs; these don't have to be perfect themselves but they do need to be relatively clear. Sometimes it is useful to provide a variety of photos for me to work from. If you don't have anything suitable I can always come and photograph your pet myself (within Co. Cork only) which will also help me to get a better idea of their character.


Be a part of the process!

Tell me what pose you want your pet in, what medium you prefer (I specialise in pencil and charcoal sketches but ink-pen, coloured chalk and watercolour are also possible) and what size you'd like.

I can do head and shoulder or full body sketches or even montages of the same or a couple of different pets in different poses.

 pet sketches


Prices vary according to the size of the picture (which is in turn controlled partly by the medium used; charcoal for example doesn't work well on a small scale), the level of detail (quick sketch or detailed portrait) and the number of individuals within the picture. The following are guidelines only; please feel free to email or ring me with any enquiries or to get a quote. I don't charge a deposit for my work, you only have to pay if you are entirely satisfied with the finished piece. 

Have a look at the Gallery Page for some examples of my artwork.


Size Price
Small (15x20cm) €45
Medium (A4) €55
Large (A3) €70


Greeting Cards

pet greeting cardsWhy use bog-standard, mass produced greeting cards for your family and friends when you can easily buy characterful ones online here - and  you'll be contributing to a good cause as 10% of every purchase price will be donated to "Munster Lost and Found" (a local charity that runs a helpline for lost pets and also runs a rescue shelter).

Almost any of the sketches found on this wedsite can be turned into a greeting card, and more designs will be appearing all the time. When you commission a pet portrait with me you can also purchase greeting card prints of that picture so you can share your pet art with loved ones.

All greeting cards are high quality prints of my original sketches. I use high quality proffessional matte paper and all cards are A6 (a quarter A4) size and blank inside unless you request otherwise.

Cards are sold in a pack of 5 for €10; packs can consist of a single or mutiple designs - you choose! 



elephant mural           foal mural           Bald eagle mural

Small delicate patterns to add a touch of class to a kitchen or dining room. Fun, exuberant and majestic animals for a child's bedroom or a school room. Maybe frogs or waterlife for your bathroom. Anything is possible with handpainted murals.

A mural is simply a picture painted directly onto a wall; I use a mixture of poster paint and PVA glue that can be used on any pre-painted, non-glossy surface and that will last for years.

My speciality is animals but I have done tropical scenes, cartoons, human montages, plants and even football crests. It is great if you (or the children) can get as involved as possible in the designing of the mural so that you get exactly what you want. I offer a free initial visit so that we can discuss designs and I can see the space to be painted.

Every mural is unique and prices vary according to size and complexity so the following are guidelines only.

Type Price
Small (A4) cartoon  €40
Small realistic €55
Large (1m) realistic €70