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Useful Links

Here are a few links to websites and videos that I have found helpful or interesting. Please note that I am not officially connected to any of these sites so cannot be held responsible for their content.  This is a great website created by the dog training legend, Dr. ian Dunbar. There is loads of info on basic dog issues from settling in your new puppy to solving behavioural issues. there are also some really good videos. You have to sign in to see some content but its free and easy. Clicker training is a fun and very effective way of training that animals love. The clicker is just a small box that makes a click noise when pressed. By associating this noise with a reward (food or toy), it can then be used to mark exactly the behaviour that you like. karen Pryor is one of the best and longest-standing dog clicker trainers out there. Positive v's punitive dog training methods-video by Victoria Stilwell (TV star "Its me or the dog")  kikopup has a whole set of youtube videos showing the amazing clicker trainer Emily Larlham at work. Great for general obedience and trick training. A great video by Kikopup on helping shy or nervous dogs. If you have lost or found a pet or are looking to adopt a dog or cat, this is a great website (they're also on facebook).