Address: St Peter's Community Hall, Church Hill, Carrigrohane, Co. Cork


 Puppy Classes

Teacher's Pet No Shame!

Whether your puppy seems like a Perfect Angel or a Little Monster they will benefit hugely from being brought to puppy classes. Paws and Pencils' Puppy Classes provide a space where your puppy can:

And YOU can:
  • Discover how to help your puppy to understand you
  • Get help with issues such as toilet training, biting, jumping up etc. 
Heather Watson of Paws and Pencils runs Puppy Classes over 4 x  1 hour long sessions.
Who: Fully vaccinated pups up to 4-5months old

Where:The Parish Centre, Church Hill, Carrigrohane, Cork (nr Ballincollig)

When: Thursdays 7.45-8.45pm


Spaces are limited so BOOKING is ESSENTIAL! 
Call Heather on 0852744404 or email for more details. 
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Training and Behaviour 1-on-1 Sessions 



Do you have: 


Get help with these and many other issues during a 1-on-1 training session in your own home with Heather Lane Watson, a certified dog trainer. Heather has worked with a wide variety of breeds, types and ages of dogs both for clients and a rescue shelter (Munster Lost and Found). She holds a BSc (Hons) in Zoology and is a full professional member (APDTIre 050) of the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers Ireland). For a full list of qualifications see the About Me page. 
She is veterinary recommended (Animal Care Hospital, Douglas).  

APDT logo               APDT cert

Heather uses Positve, reward-based training; this doesn't just mean stuffing your dog full of treats but is instead based on genuine scientific research which has found that dogs learn best with these humane methods. Dog's learn well with clear boundaries, consistency and clear rewards. This sort of training is brilliant for building the bond between you and your dog which will in turn help you to set appropriate boundaries and rules for your dog. As it works with the dog's natural instincts, it is suitable for any dog, regardless of age or breed; it is simply a matter of finding what motivates your dog and using that to get the results you want!

1-on-1 sessions are extremely beneficial for helping you to work through the issue with your dog, alongside a friendly professional. In some circumstances, Heather can also personally train the dog herself (in the owners home or out on walks) and then show you, the owner, how to maintain the dogs progress.
1-on-1 sessions are an hour long and can be booked individually or in twos or threes: see below for prices. 

References from other independant trainers as well as past clients are freely available. 

No. of sessions Price Good for...
1 session €60 New puppy information, dealing with a very specific issue
2 sessions €120 Learn new skills for dealing with your dog in Session 1 and then have a follow up session a week or so later
3 sessions €160 Work through a more difficult problem over a number of weeks.
(Prices are based on a travel distance of ~10km, clients who live further away may be charged a small additional petrol fee.)